Two years after Bones, New York-based band Son Lux (Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia, and Ian Chang) released a new album. Brighter Wounds is out now via City Slang. Recently they released a new digital EP titled Yesterday’s Wake. They shared the official video for the title-track. It was directed by Marek Partyš.

Partyš explains, “The mood of ‘Yesterday’s Wake’ evokes in me the picture of a poetic apocalypse. It sounds like the voices of both singers contemplate it and ask themselves where the failure came from. And that’s what the music video is about. It’s about the personal traits that led to it – greed, callousness and possessiveness. The luxurious and pompous chateau and its surroundings are filled with poison which has been accumulating there for years. And with every next violent and unscrupulous act, this liquid is forced up to the surface to spurt out and become the common blood of things, people and nature. The question is whether this liquid is purifying and if the stream will ever stop.”