Punk attitude, urban vibes, electronic avant-garde. This is the chapter two of our new mixtape series titled All Tomorrow’s Riots. You can find chapter one here.

Press play. Start the riot.

CECILIA – House Of Flesh

The riot starts with the speech about sex and love from the 9-years-old kid in “D’Amore Si Vive” by Silvano Agosti, interpolated with a baroque harpsichord which degenerates in a post industrial and asphyxiating landscape, while the vocal goes, whispering: “I wish I could hold you tight, while I spit in your eyes“. CECILIA’s new album Adoration is out on Halcyon Veil.

Kamixlo – Mi Sabor

There’s no party without latin rhytms. Mi Sabor is an apocalyptical and abrasive reggaeton from the new Kamixlo’s Ep King Kami, out on Bala Club.

Sega Bodega – daddy

Salvador Navarrete, aka Sega Bodega, is the heart and the mind behind the sound of NUXXE collective. daddy shows all the schizoid soul of this team and its guru, deconstructing club music in a hole of delayed industrial hallucination. self*care EP is out on NUXXE.

Brooke Candy ft. Pussy Riot, MNDR, Mykki Blanco – My Sex

My Sex is a sort of final queer anthem, made up by the power team of artists who all made of their voices a vehicle for empowering and pro sexual liberation activism.

My sex gonna fuck with no shame
My sex is my queerness
My sex has no gender
My sex is not your sex
Not the church, not the state
My own faith

Mumdance ft Logos – Teachers

Back in 1997, you could find Daft Punk doing their homeworks and celebrating their masters. 20 years later, London based producer Jack Adams, AKA Mumdance, teams up with the old friend Logos to make the point of how the music changed since then, with new teachers and new kids on the machines. Teacher is part of the expansive mix project Shared Meanings, along with 32 tracks of unreleased material from Nkisi, Caterina Barbieri, Chevel and many more.

Dj Nigga Fox – WAABA – JAH

Rogério Brandão, AKA Dj Nigga Fox, is the top name of the Portuguese electronic scene, known for the batida style. Batida is the sound of African immigrants in a multicultural Portugal, and Principe the reference label of this style. Afro house and batida are perfectly mixed in this song, part of Crânio Ep, released on Warp Records.

Lyzza – Sleeve

20 years old Brazilian producer/dj/vocalist Lyzza is the one you must keep an eye on. Trance music and great pop taste for the ultimate riot girl.

If you’re ready to fight, come play

Demdike Stare – You People Are Fucked

Demdike Stare back at it again. In Passion, album out on Modern Love, everything is rare but ready to haunt the club, even without a strong beat like in this song, where humans become aliens and the abstraction reaches its climax.

Age Coin – She Who Sold Me Told Me

Age Coin are Kristian Emdal and Simon Formann, both part of Copenaghen post punk band Lower. Age Coin reveals their fascination for 90s techno and IDM, revisited with an attitude for inscrutable. She Who Sold Me Told Me is out on Posh Isolation.

Prison Religion – Ansss1

Riot at its peak. Screams are so loud that the beat doesn’t even matter, lost in amorphous ambient where nothing could live, where the wrong planet is our planet, our social political system and its idiocracy. Prison Religion are Poozy and False Prpht, both from Virgina, and O Fucc Im on the Wrong Planet is their new EP, out on Halcyon Veil.

ZULI – Your Tracks Are Too Short

ZULI is a Cairo-based producer, and Trigger Finger is his debut ep on Milan’s Haunter Record. Gamechanger, every track sounds like a holy, inhuman ritual, like this this sick and relentless tribal dance, just for a few seconds interrupted by techno breaking in.

Puce Mary – To Possess Is To Be In Control

From Posh Isolation to german key label PAN, we are still in Denmark for Frederikke Hoffmeier, AKA Pouce Mary, and her new cinematic new album The Drought. The riot ends like it started, with a woman claiming her power in an toxic landscape.

If I can possess you
Why can’t I possess my own body?
To possess is to be in control