One year after  Nobody Living Can Ever Make Me Turn Back, New York-based musician and lute player Jozef van Wissem released a new album. We Adore You, You Have No Name is out now via Consouling Sounds. He shared a new video for the track “You Know That i Love You“. It was directed by Chariot of Black Moth.

Inspirations for the album come from a madrigal by Arcadelt (1557), Caravaggio’s painting ‘The Lute Player’ (1596) and a Baroque lute Sarabande by classical lute composer Ennemond Gaultier (1651). Van Wissem explains “the album track “ You Know That I Love You” is based on the madrigal of the same name by Arcadelt (1557). The book of sheet music for this piece is depicted by Caravaggio in his painting ‘the Lute Player ‘(1596). In December 2017 I was commissioned by the Hermitage in St Petersburg  to perform the piece for the event for the final restoration of the painting.  So I studied the classical version to perform it. However confronted with the sound system, acoustics of the museum and the amount of people in the hall I decided to do a more fluent drone version. “Unto Thee I Lift up mine eyes “ is based on a Baroque lute Sarabande by classical lute composer Ennemond Gaultier (1651).”