Jozef Van Wissem is a Dutch composer known for his work on renaissance and baroque lute, of which he is considered the most interesting contemporary performer. His studies led him to compose in the typical medieval tradition, in which part of the melodies are the same played in reverse.

His previous albums have been considered little masterpieces of minimal drone music (i.e. Station of the Cross) and his last release, We Adore You, You Have No Name (out in november via Consouling Sounds) follows his need to be inspired by medieval music, especially from madrigals and paintings of that period (Caravaggio).

Listening to the album is like being carried into different time, in which lute is the soundtrack. About the single “Bow Down” Van Wissem says “The lyrics address the medieval practice of preferring to drink alcohol instead of the not so safe water. Sort of like nowadays. The song is also about the underdog, always falling down”. “You Know that I Love You” is inspired by a madrigal of the same name, while “Unto Thee I Lift up mine eyes” is based on a baroque sarabande by classical lute composer Gaultier.

Imagine a castle immersed in the fog, dark rooms, few people dancing to a classical ballad, while gazing outside to possible dangers. This is the atmosphere created by Van Wissem, and rockers will easily find many aesthetic references to goth music, especially to Mission’s musical plots. Delicate, dark, minimal, We Adore You, You Have No Name is for everyone likes to find traces of the present in the past.