Sister and brother Elisabetta and Emanuele Porcinai weave together the threads of their debut Aperture project, out on Subtext‘s sister label other/other recordings. Threads is an album about poetry and simplicity. Two words which by definition require time and reflection to be achieved.

Although my tastes are very selective when it comes to female voices, Elisabetta has fascinated and touched me from the moment I first discovered her in Emanuele’s parallel project, WSR. You can recognise the sound-track Vessels that was first presented in the introduction to a mix from 2017 for Secretthirteen, but with a different interpretation by Elisabetta.

It’s certainly the autenticity of her interpretation and the veracity of her intentions that touches me so much. This, combined with Emanuele’s interpretation through his recording techniques on her voice, gives relief and depth that is both touching and related to this truth. There is no doubt that the ties that weld them as brother and sister is intense and invites us to dive into the deepest parts of what appears to be their respective intimateness.

The academic and professional path Emanuele takes seems to be directed more and more to a simple yet efficient recording technique and the exploration of natural reverbs, most of the time in closed environments.

To harness simple material as a DIY recording seems to be within the reach of everyone. But only intensive research and the understanding of sounds can allow this technique to become a possiblity.

These are the simple yet studied techniques that allow the specific result on Elisabetta’s voice. First I thought about reverbs being layered, but it is “simply” about the exploration of the space between the sound source and the microphone placement within that space.

Even if the intention of both artists is to present a project of songs, their common approach is to unfold them in an intimate environement. Where the room find its place as an integral part of the instrumentation, without withdrawing unwanted noises such as footfalls, clicks, hits. But rather using them as a way to portray the sonic event of the songs. The album is about poetry and simplicity, but is therefore also about familiarity, exploring domestic sounds such as table tapping, creaking doors or shoes sliding on the floor. A good part of the ambiences and rhythms that support Elisabetta are without doubt the result of improvisations using with equal importance found objects on one hand as the weather report of the day or the cries of an unattended child in the street.

Physical+digital available from: First 50 copies come with a limited-edition booklet with lyrics and original artworks.

Artwork, design and booklet by Elisabetta Porcinai :