One year after The Curious Hand, Irish singer-songwriter Seamus Fogarty released a new EP. The Old Suit is out now via Domino Records. It includes two remixes, the first by Django Django and the second from label-mate James Yorkston. The title track features additional production and mixing by Mike Lindsay (Tunng, LUMP).

Seamus explains how the EP got started: “I put a crappy drum machine, a crappier synth and a cheap guitar in a plastic bag and took myself off to a cottage in a restored famine village on the Southwest coast of Ireland to write. I came back to London refreshed, having written no songs, and went out for a few drinks with my friend Ed Dowie after which we challenged each other to write something new every two weeks. I trawled through various phone recordings I’d made while on my (non)writing trip, hoping to find some magic fragment, and I found a line about an old suit which I’d written while reflecting on the loss of my friend Willie Meighan.  I wanted to make something a bit different from the album (except for Emma Smith’s strings which go on everything), so I took a chance and asked Mike Lindsey if he’d lend an ear or two and help mix and produce the track, and this is what we ended up with.”