Tim Aminov is a Russian Moscow-based producer, musician, composer and vocalist, also known as part of duo Aanbreken. He released the first solo EP Moment in 2016. Now he’s back with a new track titled “Veneno” which shows his deep and warm vocals, the future sound lines with ambient textures, refined electro beats with a hypnotic melodic sensibility.

His words about it: “In the text I wanted to bring up the topic of people’s limited thinking in their perception of each other. Despite us living in the 21st century and our technologies developing with leaps and bounds, society still suffers from racial and gender prejudices. This is my first official release, where I work not only as a producer, but also perform the vocal part. With this release I want to start a new direction and grow as an artist. There is a big team of musicians behind me on this track. All instruments were recorded live, using a Neve Vr 60Ff vintage panel.

We have the pleasure to premiere the official video directed by Andzej Gavriss.