Nine years after Painting Sky Together, Polish Warsaw-based sound artist and musician Tomasz Bednarczyk (We introduced him with the project New Rome) announced the release of a new album. Illustrations For Those Who is out on November 16th via ROOM40. “Sunny Ambient” is the first excerpt. Listen below.

In early 2018, following the success of his New Rome project released in 2016, Bednarczyk began exploring a new approach to his more atmospheric works. Using an incredibly reductive set-up, he took single sources and exploded their potentials. Through a process of layering and synthesis, he was able to create incredibly minimal, yet dense sound textures from very singular materials. Within a matter of weeks he had devised a new way of approaching his more ambient compositional interests.

Illustrations For Those Who is the result of this first investigation. Each piece is singular in nature, in that its source is one synthesiser or instrument. The resulting pieces though are anything but singular. Rather, each of them maintains a detailed and rich sensibility built around complex cycling of sonic materials.