Erik Griswold (Clocked Out Duo) is a Brisbane-based composer and pianist interested in hybrid sound combinations and unusual intersections at the margins of music and sound making.One year after Ecastic Descent, he announced the release of a new album. Yokohama Flowers is out on November 23rd via ROOM40. Title-track is the first excerpt.

His words about the new work: “There’s a mystical aura surrounding my old piano. I imagine the 19th century workshop in which it was hand-crafted and the German parlours in which it played Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Satie, or Joplin. I imagine its journey from Stuttgart, by ship to Sydney harbour, and overland to the semi-tropical heat of Brisbane. Playing it I feel connected to its 131 years of history – the people, places and music that have come before.

The beautiful, hand treated super 8 films of Louise Curham are a perfect visual counterpoint to my music. In her Yokohama Flowers, a sense of fragility, intimacy and nostalgia emerges from the superposition of location footage with delicately hand-drawn and painted layers. Her method closely mirrors my own, which combines tactile exploration at the piano keyboard with layering of foreign materials (preparations) onto the strings. By altering and repurposing old technologies in this way, it is as if we are squeezing the last drops of nectar out of these fading flowers.”