CUTS is the audio-visual project of composer and filmmaker Anthony Tombling Jr. He announced the release of the first full-length. A Gradual Decline is out on November 30th via Village Green Recordings. “I have tried to make a record that feels like it’s all come from one place,”  he explains.

My only musical influence on this was William Basinski’s ‘Disintegration Loops’. Not the music, but the process. The idea of a decline in sound really suited the concept of this record. All this music and instrumentation trapped in this declining digital signal. I wanted it to sound brittle and precarious. I also wanted to avoid doing overly dark material, opting instead for something that was more fragile, melancholic and even hopeful in moments.“

We already shared “A Gradual Decline”; “Time Is Not Your Friend” is a new excerpt. He explains about it: “The drum sounds on this track were taken from field recordings I did out in Iceland. I managed to capture the sound of ice cracking from the stress of water and in the distance, ice calving from its glacier. The first half of this track has a darkness to it but then it opens up into something more hopeful. That kind of feels like where we are in terms of climate and its predicted breakdown. It’s not a totally hopeless situation but it looks like it will take everyone pulling in the same direction to halt it. Time is not our friend in that respect.”