Two years after Sacred Drums, London-based musician and producer TSVI released a new EP titled Rambo. Now he announced the first full-length. Inner Worlds is out on November 9th via Nervous Horizon. Each track on the album was subsequently written to capture a specific state of mind; from opener ‘Root’, to closing track, ’Crown’ – described by TSVI as “the first and last Chakras” – ‘Inner Worlds’ lands as a thoughtful and absorbing testament to the self. Jinn” is a new excerpt. Lsten below.

‘Inner Worlds’ was written to reinforce the importance of reconnecting to one’s true self, stemming from an ongoing artistic journey which began in TSVI’s childhood.

Born and raised in Italy, TSVI grew up with parents who practiced Hinduism – something he notes as unusual in Italy – and more recently, he also became enamoured with his partner’s religious and musical background, after she exposed him to Middle Eastern music and Sufi ideologies. Inspired, TSVI started creating tracks that were influenced by belly-dance percussionists such as Emad Sayyah and Hossam Ramzy, combining new rhythms with elements of Dancehall, Tarraxo and Trance.