One year after Istanbul Is Sleep EPFrench duo The Limiñanas have announced the release of a new album. I’ve Got Trouble In Mind Vol. 2 is out on November 16th viaBecause Music and it features rare recordings, 7″ singles and unrelased material, it is follow up to 2014’s album I’ve Got Trouble In Mind. Watch the official video for the track “Russian Roulette“. It is a cover version of a song by English/American supergroup Lords of The New Church.

Their words about it: “We bought the Lords of The New Church’s album on a Wednesday afternoon some years ago in our hometown, Perpignan. It was a second-hand record in very good conditions. We paid peanuts for it. In it, we found a melancholic and addictive song… We heard the song live some time later in Montpellier. The band and their singer Stiv Bators were amazing… Afterwards, we heard a cover by Pascal Comelade. A beautiful instrumental cover, the most beautiful version I’ve heard. When we started touring with Pascal, ‘Russian Roulette’ ended up in the setlist. When the tour was done, we kept playing it with added lyrics.”