Kontrapoetik is a personal historical investigation, a personal counter-exorcism project.
Through this album, the composer Maria W. Horn retraces and translates painful moments of the history of her region. A sound translation that explores Ångermanland’s past in the North of Sweden. A violent past where women accused of witchcraft were massively executed in 1674. Drawing from archival material in the region she also taps directly into the conflict of this bastion for the worker’s movement with the Swedish military in the 1930’s that left 5 dead and nearly triggered a revolution.

Concurrent with Horn’s Ångermanland research, she was part of an artistic research project in the form of a satanic feminist sect. The goal of the work within the sect was to develop a practice consisting of ceremonies and rituals based on counter readings of the Christian genesis narratives, dismantling its misogynist traditions. In these counter-myths, Lucifer is re-conceptualized as a feminist liberator of womankind, and is seen as an ally in the struggle against a patriarchy supported by God the father and the male priesthood. The ingestion of the forbidden fruit by Eve becomes a heroic act of rebellion against the tyranny of God and Adam. Several of the pieces on Kontrapoetik were composed specifically for ceremonial practices, as in the case of Ave, which is a composition built from a text by Michelle Jangmyr, one of the sect members. Bandcamp source

The musical territories explored by Horn on Kontrapoetik are vast, but at the heart of each piece is a strong fundament of reductionist technique no matter how maximal the results may sound. Deceptively simple harmonic progressions are refractured through the means of inversion and repetition, presented either in a pure state or being crushed and deformed by layers of distortion. Coupled with this is an almost tactile relationship to texture as well as an immaculate sense of the physicality of sound. This work, while saturated by an almost overbearing sense of longing and loss, never gives in, but stands steadfastly defiant. Bandcamp source

Composed, mixed, produced by Maria w Horn
Words and voice on ‘Ave’: Djuna Michelle Jangmyr
Mastering: Giovanni Conti, Artefacts
Graphic design: Maria w Horn and Theodor Kentros
Label: Portals Editions

Full 6 tracks album: https://portals-editions.bandcamp.com/album/maria-w-horn-kontrapoetik