Two years after Emergence, British producer Max Cooper released a new album, in which he interrogates notions of identity whilst profiling the complex mechanisms that make us all wonderfully unique. One Hundred Billion Sparks is out now via Mesh. He shared a new video for the track “Platonic“. It was directed by Páraic Mc Gloughlin.

Max Cooper about the video: Things got pretty mad on this one after I set the task of trying to visualise the Platonic realm of form underlying reality.  And Páraic McGloughlin has come up with something of a masterpiece I think, using a single day-long shot, whose time-based processing he’s linked to the more than 100 layers of audio I used to create the music…’s fairly intense on the audio and visual as a result, but all so precisely carried out by Páraic, a huge amount of work has gone into this on all fronts, I hope you enjoy it.”