Tasha is an interesting Chicago-based singer-songwriter and musician. She announced the release of her first full-length. Alone at Last is out on October 26th via Father/Daughter. Each LP comes with a poetry zine with contributions from Tasha, Imani Jackson, Keisa Reynolds, Kara Jackson, Jamila Woods, and Stella Binion – all Chicago based, black women writers. $1 from each LP sold will be donated to#NoCopAcademy, a collective of organizers doing work to prevent a $95 million police academy from being built on the westside of Chicago.

These songs are bed songs,” Tasha says of Alone at Last. “Songs about the place that one might go when they finally need to be away from whatever it is that might be causing them stress or anxiety or sadness or fear.

New Place” is a new excerpt which shows the evocative and minimal sound and her fragile and soulful vocals. Listen below.