Two years after Island Songs, Icelandic composer and musician Ólafur Arnalds released a new album. Re: member is out now via Mercury KX (listen here). Today starts his world tour in Lucerna Club in Prague, and then there will be dates in Italy, Switzerland, France and Holland before London and Reykjavik. Then he will move between the States, Australia, Canada and Europe again with the last gig in Oslo (8th of June 2019). For more info, you can check here. It’s the right time to recall his path through 7 meaningful tracks.

3055. Eulogy For Evolution showed immediately his talent and his unique “relationship” with piano and the art of composition. This track is the perfect mix between the minimal lines of the piano and the delicacy of strings.

Brotsjor. One of the most interesting composition because we can listen the string textures in a different way melting with the elecronic “intrusion”. A modern masterpiece.

a2. This is an important track because it is included in the first collaborative album with German talent and friend Nils Frahm. They totally changed the rules of modern classical style.

Only The Winds This Place Was A Shelter. Two impressive tracks from From Now I Am Winter, maybe the most important album because it allowed him to reach a bigger audience. This two tracks have also two powerful and intense videos which is one of the reason we choose both songs.

Particles. Island Songs (2016) washis 7-week journey across Iceland to record a series of compositions with the help of friends and musicians. This track features Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, the co-lead vocalist in Of Monsters and Men.

re:member. The title-track from the new album which close our trip in Olafur Arnalds carreer. This album shows again his attention to every details and it marks a new era of his career because technological aestethics joins the acoustic textures in a meaningful way.