Punk attitude, urban vibes, electronic avant-garde. Today we start a new mixtape series titled All Tomorrow’s Riots. This is chapter one. Press play. Start the riot.

Sophie – Whole New World / Pretend World

2018 is not over yet but OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES has already been acclaimed as one of the most important albums of the year. Scottish producer Sophie Xeon push her extreme interpretation of pop music, making of this album an accelerate manifesto. The album ends with the serious and terrific title of the ultimate anarchic, queer and hedonistic song Whole New World / Pretend World.

Gaika – Hackers & Jackers

London is definitely on fire. Skepta is one of the biggest rappers of the world and the grime scene is finally taking over. But England is chainging and London is becoming a more dangerous place year after year, and as a consequence street culture is evolving faster. Gaika, from Brixton, is the one who is encoding new languages from the same old roots, like a soundsystem in an industrial and intense darkness made of anger and alienation, to create a post apocalyptic world for a post human warrior. This is his debut album for Warp Records. The world is ours.

Shygirl – Rude

South East London. Shygirl is not shy at all, she just doesn’t like wasting time in small talk. Producer Sega Bodega collects here every sexual element UK bass music can offer in a soundscape where Shygirl’s voice moves adamant and insensitive, sexy and dangerous, like the Psycho violin screech at the beginning of this song. They both are part, with Coucou Chloe and Oklou, of the London based collective/label NUXXE, which is pushing avant club music in a futuristic, hardcore and seductive way.

700 Bliss – Scully

700 Bliss is a Philadelphia-based collaborative project between two radical artists, both part of Halcyon Veil collective: poet and musician Moor Mother and Dj Haram. The snare in this song trap you in a war zone, that of poor black people in USA, while Moor Mother rises as a furious goddess and snare becomes a machine gun. Have no fear.

Playboi Carti –  R.I.P.

Trap music is the new punk and this is the last evidence. Producer Pi’erre Bourne made a headbanger of the Jodeci’s “What About Us” sample and this is simply hysterical. Defend your mumble shit.

Iglooghost – Clear Tamei

UK producer Iglooghost, real name Seamus Malliagh, made up a language for his entire hypercolored world, whose heroes are some floating beings called Mopu and Tamei. A sort of schizophrenic evolution of Gorillaz animated approach, orchestral-pop-based but brutally interrupted by plastic and sharp drops.

JPEGMAFIA – Real Nigga

If you watched The Wire you know Baltimore, Maryland, hystorical symbol of racial segregation yet, as a poor and violent ghetto for a wide africanamerican community. Peggy aka JPEGMAFIA comes from there and now that he is a LA based rapper and producer, he has become one of the angriest and powerful voices against racism, capitalism and alt right, in and out of the internet culture. Veteran is out on Deathbomb Arc.

Sinjin Hawke & Zola Jesus – God

Vicious Circles EP, out on Planet Mu, is another amazing collaborative debut, moving from different areas of avant electro music. This song, in particular, reminds of legendary Geinoh Yamashirogumi’s soundtrack of Akira, with its epic polyphony of female voices and the polyrhytmic underpinning, as if the god we’re talking about was Tetsuo himself after mutation:

«You want me to enroll in that kindergarten and live happily ever after, huh?! Be quiet, do what you’re told, take your medicine every day, and end up all shriveled like those kids?»

Lotic – Hunted

«Brown skin, masculine frame, head’s a target / Actin’ real feminine, make ‘em vomit»

Texan but Berlin based producer Lotic at his debut album Power, out on Tri Angle. After the hostility of his first works, this album blends the industrial root with ambiguous emotions and fragility, which make the queer underground resistance of Lotic sound even more dangerous and, of course, powerful.

Denzel Curry feat. JPEGMAFIA, ZillaKami – VENGEANCE

If JPEGMAFIA is the woke soul of avant-trap, Denzel Curry is the one capable to make you finally take trap music as a serious thing, because of his technique and his large range of colors. ZillaKami instead is the extreme, screaming and dirty face of this music. Together they are an iconic raged trio.

Amnesia Scanner – AS Too Wrong

Amnesia Scanner is a Berlin based duo of self defined “Xperience Designers”. Another Life is their debut album out on PAN, an alienated and claustrophobic hallucination like this “infectious doombathon” song.

«Who cares if I don’t fit into the k-hole? Give us solitude.»

Aisha Devi – Dislocation of the Alpha

Title itself is a manifesto. This is the climax of our riot. All here is stately, wagnerian and icy, there’s no heat but the coexistence of Aisha Devi’s two souls: the cold swiss one and the spiritual nepalese one of her roots. DNA Feelings is out on Houndstooth.

Yves Tumor (feat. Oxhy, Puce Mary) – Hope in Suffering

Even in his brilliant avant pop Warp debut Safe In The Hands Of Love, mysterious Sean Bowie AKA Yves Tumor finds a spot to make you feel uncomfortable. Just some strings at the beginning, then only disturbing noises, distant screams and vivid spoken word.

Djrum – Sex

Riot can only end with a party. Portrait With Firewood is the second album by Felix Manuel AKA Djrum, out on R&S. Sex is one of the highlights of this Marina Abramovic – inspired work. The song starts with the typical sexual element of club music, then the concept becomes wider, recounting the intimacy of losing yourself in the partner’s feelings and emotions. Djrum is so rewriting the rules for a narrative of sexuality and, as a consequence, of club music itself.