The main event of the 4th edition of the rock festival “Settembre-Prato è spettacolo” in Prato (nice little town close to Florence, Italy) represented an historical moment in recent artistic life in Tuscany. Three of the most interesting and fascinating band of the alternative rock panorama offered to 2000 fans, mainly alternative rock supporters with black t-shirts and black suits, a show to remember.

The first stage was occupied by Blonde Redhead and their dreamy rock ballads. It is difficult to understand why the trio composed by twins Pace and japanese Kazu Makino are not in the pantheon of indie rock, for they represent the essence of it: fine, dark, rude, intelligent. With really great songs of love and desperation, some of them played in Prato, from the dancy “Dripping” to the dreamy “23”, from the delicate “For the damaged” to the tense “Falling Man”. Despite a little voice problem at the end it was an intense, emotionally full performance.

The order of appearance changed due to problems occurred to the equipment of dEUS, who had to play for last, so the headliner played for second. Einsturzende Neubauten, one of the legends of industrial were in Prato for the second time, as Blixa Bargeld said for first. It is hard to describe the atmosphere, the religious tension that the german band creates in their show. A setlist to offer moments of the last 20 years of career, Blixa’s theatrical performance, Alexander Hacke’s bass guitar cavernous noises, the devastating industrial cascade offered by the objects knocked in many ways, this are the main elements of a memorable show. The balance between slow (“The Garden”, “Nagorny Karabach”, “Total Eclipse of the Sun”) and loud tracks (“Haus Der Luge”, “Let’s Do It A Dada”) made the rest, leaving the audience speechless.

Finally, the belgian dEUS were welcomed with a warm applause and started an improvised show, reduced to 50 minutes due to the technical problems (the brilliant organization anyway obtained an extra permission to play after midnight). Tom Barman’s band confirmed to be one of the best rock bands around, offering an energetic and enjoyable performance with some of their best songs, from “The Architect” to “Instant Street”. Chapeau.

A great night of music.