There is no way I could not publish something concerning Remnant, the latest album from Marcos Ortega aka Lorn.
Before reading the words he entrusted to us to accompany the pre-release of this album, and whilst listening to Remnant, I understood that something had happened, Something had changed.
Marcos Ortega is one of a small number of artists who has a specific and very unique sound indentity. However, this time whilst listening, I had the feeling that the base, or the foundation had changed. For sure his signature is still there, but the album is more rich and more open than his previous works.
Open or luminous are the words that appear to me when listening to “Out of the Frame”. It is, in my opinion, one of the best titles on the album and one that clearly shows the evolution of Marcos Ortega.

Now, to come back to what has changed, I must, more than ever, come to the conclusion that art is a form of therapy. The words he left saddened me, but are also full of hope..
Bravo for your courage and your tenacity Marcos!
We love you..

“It took a lot for me to finish this record. it’s the first one i’ve ever made sober and remotely healthy in mind and body. i don’t remember much of making NOTHING ELSE, remember nothing of making ASK THE DUST, and a few rare moments here and there of THE MAZE TO NOWHERE and VESSEL. So many years lost or willfully and recklessly thrown away because of alcohol and/or drug abuse. Over a decade of isolation, daily panic attacks and just delaying or worsening the depression, anxiety and who the fuck knows what else. so many times nearly giving up.but creating, fighting through and finishing REMNANT marks the beginning of something new. I can feel it. It’s a worn old 3-sided koin that i ripped out of the noise and have tossed down the well with a wish. Now it is falling and falling and falling and falling until you might catch it.

I hope you enjoy it, take time to find its hidden shapes and discover things i could not see.

Thank you to my beautiful son and wife, the few friends and family members that’ve had my back
and thank you for your respect and support as listeners and fans.
i could not and would not do this without all of you.

lorn / marcos”