Shit & Shine returns to Rocket Recordings with a new album, Bad vibes will be Released on November 9th. Meanwhile, the label offers us a premiere, a video for the lead track ‘Yeah I’m On Acid‘.

Enjoy, read a few words taken from the Bandcamp description below, and check out the tour dates!

“Trapped in a nightmarish psychic landscape midway between the bars of Texas and the bass-bins of Berghain, Shit And Shine are back for the attack, volleying forth across the consciousness with a delirious voyage into the nether. ‘Bad Vibes’ is a singularly appropriate moniker for a collection of audial explorations that dauntlessly set off down labyrinthine mind-maps to oblivion, all the while with an Acid-House-style smile plastered on their face. ”

“The sonic misdemeanours of Craig Clouse have taken on many forms in his thirty-odd-year travails through transgression, moving from London to Texas and back whilst journeying from the grinding noise rock of Crown Roast, through the Amphetamine Reptile abjection of Hammerhead and the deadbeat riffage of Todd, all the while with a savagery of delivery, an experimental mindset and an off-kilter sense of derangement high on the agenda.

“Fresh from yet another demolition derby between high trash and the lowest avant-garde, Bad Vibes is the sound of the Shit And Shine jalopy rocketing way beyond the speed limit on the lineage of the lysergic. Frankly, you’d better either get on board or get well out of the way. “- Bandcamp source

Pre-order Bandcamp link :