The Osaka-based musician and producer Ryo Murakami will release his new album “Sea” through his own Depth of Decay Label on the end of August 2018. ( this is the official announcement, but I just heard that it comes for the middle of September).

The Japanese artist originally produced dance music, but after creating the Depth of Decay label in 2013 and announcing an album with the same name, he became more inclined towards a more acoustically focused expression with two remarkable albums successively released on 2015 and 2016 on Bedouin records. The albums Deist and Esto develop both an ambient, noise, drone genre . This new work “Sea” becomes more electro-acoustic, incorporating raw instruments such as piano and strings. This album shows us the perpetual developement of the Japanese artist.

The video of Tatsuya Fujimoto ‘s album included “Sea” is as follows.