Rachel K Collier is an interesting Swansea-born, London-based singer, songwriter and producer. Following the release of her debut self-produced EP “Words You Never Heard” in Autumn 2015 on Love & Other and the 2016’s single, she’s back with a new track titled “Poison” from upcoming first full-length.

She says about it : “I’m really happy with how Poison evolved as a production -the main drum loop is sampled from another one of my beats after I slowed it and pitched it down -I had to make a whole new track with it. It’s such a great tune to play live, especially with my percussionist who absolutely nails the tomsI’ve seen the lyrics behind Poison way too many times in life -it drives me mad when I see someone being fed some charm or bullshit and totally falling for it everytime”.

We have the pleasure to introduce the 5 influential tracks that had an important role for her music.

Hot Chip – Need You Now
I love Hot Chip, sonically they are a major inspiration for me -the combination of the analog synths with electronic and live drums!  If I’m ever stuck when I’m producing, this is one of my
go-to tracks that I’ll pop this on for 30 seconds to help me out!

Kimbra- Top of the World
Kimbra is also a huge inspiration to me -the insane creativity in her tracks always gives me the little nudge I need if I start thinking too much about how other people will perceive things- she reminds me not to give a ****.
Moderat- Bad Kingdom
The percussion, bassline and the distortion in this production combined with a beautiful melody for me is everything -this is my favourite type of music! I only discovered these guys as people have commented before that they would love to see a show with Moderat and Rachel K Collier- then I was like, better check them out!
Robyn – Dancing on My Own
This is a classic! For me, Robyn is the ultimate pop star, she’s super cool without trying too hard and I’m really inspired by how she writes lyrically -she says it how it is but without being cheesy or too cringey!
iamamiwhoami – Play 
I love the vocal production in this track, it’s understated and almost part of the production, rather than more an instrumental with a vocal written over it.  Also the groove is sick! I’ve used this track as a vocal production reference a couple of times -I never go as hard as this, but it helps me push the boundaries in my own production.