You cannot understand the power of post rock if you don’t make the experience of being at a concert of a band like Godspeed You!Black Emperor. I never fell in love with that kind of this style, though I really appreciate bands like Slint and Mogwai. The essence of the genre, based on the overcoming of the rock song structure and the predominance of instruments on voices, always left me a bit far from totally appreciating it. But watching a show of Canadian GY!BE changed my destiny as a resteless listener.

The scenery of the little lake of Villa Ada in Rome, with its little isle surrounded by a circle of water, was the perfect picture. And the miracle happened. After a convincing show by This Will Destroy You from California,  powerful and intense in their classic post rock proposal, GY!BE went on stage one by one, accompanied by a distorted violin, slowly reached by progressive layers of sounds, in the beginning “Hope Drone”. The impact is powerful: two drums, three guitars, violing, bass guitar, saxophone,And I understood why they are so acclaimed. The growing cloud of sounds composes, second by second, different forms and becomes gradually a wall that finally crashes on the audience, literally annihilated. And this happened for all the track in the set list, mainly taken from Luciferian Towers (“Bosses Hang” and “Undoing a Luciferian Towers” in primis). The show is a breathtaking ride among progressive, jazz, noise, rock, classic music. And the miracle is that in this chaos you always find the main theme.

A gift, a ceremony of (post) rock music, a chance to live an extreme sensorial experience. That’s what happened on the 4th of July in Rome. And nothing is like it was before.


  • Hope Drone
  • Bosses hang
  • Anthem for no State
  • Fam/Famine
  • Undoing a Luciferian Towers
  • Moya
  • BBF3