Behaviorist is the project of Brooklyn-based musician Stephen Chen, also known as  the baritone saxophonist of San Fermin. He announced the release of the debut EP which features Kristin Slipp (of Cuddle Magic, Dirty Projectors), Ian Chang (Son Lux, Landlady), Adam Dotson (Rubblebucket), and more. “Good Guy” is the first excerpt. Listen below.

In Chen’s own words: “‘Good Guy’ was inspired by the confused shouts and yells that cleared an IMAX screening, barely audible over movie’s still-blaring audio. Having nabbed the best seats in the house, I then found myself penned in on all sides by theatergoers stumbling towards the exits. As the screen flashed and the crowd pulsed, I wondered what would happen if someone suddenly rose up out of their seat brandishing a gun, trying to protect us all and yet unsure where to aim. And I thought of that person’s date to the movie, cowering next to them, filled with fear & anguish, but also pride and love. It was just a projector fire, but for weeks I wondered how many people clung to their Good Guys as they waited to file out of the theater, and how many almost decided to be that day’s American Hero.”