Ashlar are a British duo comprised of sound artists and musicians Wil Bolton (from London) and Phil Edwards (from The Wirral, Liverpool). Four years after St. James’ Gardens, they released their third album. Distant Scenes is out now via Whitelabrecs. Full streaming is available via Bandcamp. Listen below.

With ‘Distant Scenes’ most of the sounds began as piano loops (played by Wil) and acoustic guitar parts (played by Phil), which were heavily processed and re-processed several times using both software effects and guitar pedals. Where the first two albums featured environmental sounds from the local area, the field recordings here were made by both artists separately, in wildly varied locations including Japan, Korea and the UK.

Distant Scenes is an album built around distance, time and space as their different recording locations inspired new but separate ideas. A warm but blurry canvas has been woven over a four year period, as time has rusted the memories of the good old days spent jamming on their earlier albums and newer ideas have been corroded into a melancholic fuzz.