Driftmachine is the project that involves Andreas Gerth (Tied & Tickled Trio) and Florian Zimmer (Saroos). Two years after Colliding Contourand one after Radiations, they have released a new album. Shunter is out now via Umor Rex. It was mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri. Full streaming is available below.

Although instantly recognizable, featuring their trademark Kosmische and Avant-garde sounds, it also presents a new journey into abstract and hallucinatory worlds. Filled with eerie textures, their electronic visions are darker and more vaporous than ever. 

Driftmachine’s fifth album (also the fifth one for Umor Rex) offers a new perspective on their ample sound spectrum and systemic narratives. Shunter overlaps and mutates their post-industrial-dub motives. It was conceived and produced in search of a very different kind of imagery, with sections of noise and field recordings intersecting with analogue sounds; a mixture of contrasted fragments, where the usual creative process of modular-synthesis leads Gerth and Zimmer to the discovery of a dark, hazy and diffused experience.