Three years after Infanticide, Italian musician and composer Caterina Palazzi is back with a new album with her collective Sudoku Killer. It includes Giacomo Ancillotto (guitar), Maurizio Chiavaro (drums), e Antonio Raia (tenor sax) and Sergio Pomante (tenor sax). Asperger is out now via Clean Feed Records. After the video, you can read our talk with Caterina Palazzi who explains the new album textures and concept.

“Asperger” is your new album.  What about the title and the creative process? How is it born?

“Asperger” syndrome is a form of autism. Apparently, it has no connections with the content of the album, that is inspired to disney movies. But as tradition of my band, title of this third album anticipates next album’s content (which will be addict to psychiatric disease’ syndromes), as a sort of perpetual “flash forward” (first album’s title anticipated the content of second one, then second album’s title anticipated the content of third …).

Concept is very important in a band like Sudoku Killer, as is important to link the creative process as a flow and not reasoning as single works. In this third album every composition is inspired to one bad personality of Disney movies.  

Sequel of second album Infanticide (2015), that is meant as a virtual murder of the childhood vision of the world, with the good guys as winners and the bad guys as surrenders, it’s the loss of pure, playful ingenuity, that makes room for a troubled, often bitter maturity.
This third album describes a further transition of human spirit, that into existential and social chaos, begins to be attracted by evil. Now, the figure of bad becomes charming, and not scary anymore

The album is an “homage” to Disney evil characters. Which one fits more with your personality and your way to think music?

I think I like more MALEFICENT… beautiful witch of Sleaping Beauty, she is elegant, aggressive, revengeful and strategical. Antiheroes ispired not only as concept but also musically, as every suite of the album has a lot of different parts (violence, sadness, anxiety, agony, romance, sweetness), connected with their stories and moods.

What about sound of this new album?. It is different from previous albums. You agree?

This third new album is an evolution of the second one, and really different from the first. Psychedelic, noise and post/rock influences are now stronger than jazz attitude, and written parts of the compositions overhang the rare impro moments.
Asperger is darker and havier than the other albums.

What attracts you about experimentation connected to the double bass? What is your way to give new shape to the sound?

Double bass is an instrument with a huge variety of sounds, you can always found new shades just playing it in a different way, or with different objects. 

I also use effects/pedals to reach my sound, as I really like jazz/acoustic but also punk/metal stuff.

Actually I have also a solo project with loop stations, which I use to create a lonely funeral bass orchestra, with a lot of dissonant strings.

How did you built your live show for this new work?  

Live concerts are very similar to the studio version, as we don’t use free impro. We focus on the sound, dynamics, emotions, pathos… the conduction is similar to a little classical orchestra.
Asperger live show is a rock cinematographic opera where the music is also a theatre performance.