And here we are, finally, to tell you about our last Primavera Sound night of this year. We started our menu with a bit of Slowdive at Primavera stage. The shoegaze band from the 90s offered a nice performance, showing how they’ve been able to get their rust off after coming back on stage some years ago. After that we passed quickly by Seat stage just to admire how Lorde‘s confidence has increased and how the Australian girl is now able to confront such a big audience with elegance and mastery. On the other hand we did not enjoy properly Grizzly Bear‘s exhibition at Ray-Ban stage, probably because of the excessive distance and of the low volumes. The Brookly-based group delivered a good performance but we were too far or most probably too tired to enjoy it as deserved.

After such an incipit, we moved to the Primavera Bits area. Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never was waiting for us at the Bacardi Live stage to present his recently-released latest album Age Of. His performance was astonishing, and we were overwhelmed by its mixture of psychedelic vibes and electronic experimentation. Everything was enriched by his captivating visuals and the whole experience was really deserving. But there were more surprises waiting for us. At the same stage we ended up being completely immersed in the enveloping low vibes of Jon Hopkins‘s set.  The London-based producer, strong of his recently-released album Singularity, which btw is being an international success, enchanted the audience with his hypnotic melodies and it was impossible not to dance while wrapped up in the coils of his music. After that, we moved back to the central area to listen to the second part of Beach House‘s set. The Baltimora-based duo surely was up to the expectations, but the Primavera stage was not the best location for an intimate and delicate music like their dreamy pop. The volumes were too low and the crowd to big to enjoy their concert properly. We then decided to switch to a narrower place and so, moved by a strange sort of Italian patriotism, we ended up listening to the enjoyable dj set of Carlo Pastore. Finally, we closed the festival, as per tradition, with the massive set of DJ Coco at Ray Ban stage on the notes of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’.

That was the end of this year’s Primavera Sound,with almost 220000 presences, participants from 126 countries and a line up with a feminine presence of more than 50% on the main stages. Next year’s Primavera will take place from May 30th to July 1st and the ticket are already on sale, so see you all there in 2019, folks!

Photos by Paco Amate and Garbiñe Irizar.