After 2018’s Untitled_SaMeK, Italian Turin-based producer, sound artist and composer Federico Dal Pozzo returned with a new album. Untitled_VNZ is out now via KrysaliSound. It is an acousmatic concert dedicated to Venice and its sound. Full streaming is available below.

A sound that vibrates of water, stone, re, metal , all of which in a continuous movement of sensorial and mnemonic evolution. Time becomes water that collects re exes of our hearing and later absorbing to design a story of echo in new notions of forms. An orchestrated composition from the city’s topology, a city that makes one think of music papers in a continuously played music: the scores come together like sea waves, the pentagram bars are canals with its numerous “legato” of bridges, of high churches windows, and let’s not forget the violins on the edge on the gondolas. Its Music is bigger than the orchestra, and there is no hand big enough to ip the score sheet.