“We draw a magic circle and shut out everything that doesn’t agree with our secret games. Each time life breaks the circle, the games turn grey and ridiculous. Then we draw a new circle and build a new defense.” (“Through A Glass Darkly”, Ingmar Bergman, 1961). 

The mood, music and themes of Turin-based band new album is strictly connected with 1961’s Ingmar Bergaman movie and this quote explains the devastating and either dreamlike sound-trip. As the life is always in ambush and how we react.

We first wrote about Dead Cat In A Bag when the debut album was released in 2011. We are proud to have introduced them to narrate their stunning path. Four years after Late For A Song (Viceversa Records), they’re back with Sad Dolls and Furious Flowers, out via Gusstaff Records (Jacaszek, Sacri Cuori, Hugo Race).

It is maybe their more complex work: the first reason is for the quality of musicians added to the core of the band (lead by Luca Andriolo); Davide Tosches, Carlo Barbagallo, Ivan Bert and more adorn the imperfect and deep aesthetic of the sound. The second one is way how the trembling textures explain a dystopian world (introduced by the noisy “Sad Dolls“) touched by the hope of a brighter day (designed by the magnifecent instrumental scenario of closing track “Furious Flowers“).

Again the word becomes a sound and sounds become words. A fusion which the band express at the best in this new work. Immersive, outwardly intricately but full of ways for identify yourself. The drama is something that you can touch: vocals and violin in “Promises In The Evening Breeze” is the real storyline, more intense in the scratchy performance of “Not A Promise” with a solemn trumpet that design ethereal and dark soundscapes.

Minimalism is another clear brand of the band: the touching minute of “Muneca“, the fluid haunting scratch of “The Place You Shouldn’t Go“, the fragility of “The Clouds“,one of the best tracks of the album. It seems they are always capable to fill up the sound container and then to know when subtracts part of it. It is to apply mathematics to feelings and the result is huge. I like to think this album as their own way to recompose songwriting and post-rock textures.

The arrangements are artful and beautiful as ever. The use of words is wise and always well-timed. Vocals performance is something near the greatest songwriters of the music history. Dead Cat In A Bag have done a real jump in something that refines their previous albums, the perfect kiss between the beauty and the meaning, elegance and control. Rare and extremely intense. Forced to live in reality, their way to think music is our parachute.