Here we are again, with a last post (we promise) to tell you more about the best live shows we enjoyed at this latest Primavera Sound edition.

Nick Cave. We don’t need words to describe how much he’s great. But we need to say it again and again. Nick Cave gave all himself to the audience. Uncontrollable, a unique stage presence, emotional and enchanting. Wherever you were, you felt him. We don’t forget his supreme band and especially Warren Ellis, he was the show in the show.

Nils Frahm. It was something which was almost perfect even though the Primavera Stage wasn’t the right place for him (maybe the Auditori was the right one). But that’s not important compared with the extraordinary experience he donated us. First of all, the stage structure with all his “toys” was something astonishing. And second but not less important, his way to move on the stage and the ability to re-create perfectly his album’s atmosphere was hypnotic and surprising. One of the best artists of our modern era.

Oneohtrix Point Never.  Great new album (Age Of) and a stunning performance at Bacardi Stage (right before the exciting live of Jon Hopkins at the same stage). His visuals were the perfect culmination for such a touching and transcendent music performance. A one-hour long flow of beatitude. Do not miss him in the future.

Josh T. Pearson/Lift To Experience. Seven years after the debut of his full-length and masterwork The Last of The Country Gentlemen, American musician and songwriter Josh T. Pearson released a new solo album. The Straight Hits is out now via Mute Records. He performed two shows at Primavera: one with Lift To Experience and one to play his solo repertory. The Lift To Experience shows was rough and captivating; solo performance underlined his new way to think music and life (since the new album is totally different from the previous one) but with the ability to create a strong intimacy with the audience. Funny and intense.

Anna Von Hausswolf. Swedish singer-songwriter led us in her undefined and mysterious world. She and her band made a great show: if you expected a quiet perform, you were wrong. Her celestial and melancholic vocals connected with a fierce and wild sound. The real surprise of this year.

The National. One of their best exhibition: intense and rich of emotions. Matt Berninger and his audience enjoyed a special connection during the whole set and the concert demonstrated that Sleep Well Beast is probably one of the group’s best albums ever.

Photos by Garbine Irizar, Dani Canto and Sergio Albert.