Tertia May is a London-based talented singer-songwriter. Kind of Purple is her first EP taht is out now via British imprint Twisted Hearts Records. It was produced by Subculture. Tracks show her warm and delicate vocals and the different influences of the sound: from jazz and soul to R&B and hip/hop. After the full streaming, she explains the new work track by track. Check it below.

Heavenly Thing. This track I think is the fastest song I’ve ever written! Was a warm-ish day when I was writing it with subculture, well it was sunny outside anyways. The song is about being in a complete fairy land of your own, super high on love . Hence the words, ‘I see trees of green’ and ‘all I felt was love from you to you’.
Tears in the rain. I wrote this song whilst in a transition period with a guy I was dating. I felt like I was caught up between knowing he wasn’t treating me right, to also really liking him. This song has got a really eerie feel to it to represent the cloudiness that my mind was in. It makes me nostalgic thinking about it, sometimes positively sometimes negatively.Thank God for being able to move on, aye?
Peanut butter. Again, this song is about a relationship. But instead of it being about heartbreak, it was more about mocking the relationship I had, and being strong whilst in a breakup.Its a kind of ‘up yours’ track. I think this is my favourite song on the EP. My guitarist from my band laid those sick guitar sounds.
Monsters in your bedroom.This was written about my father and the struggles that he was facing in his life. I wrote this down in Cornwall whilst subculture and I were in an Air BnB, writing new material. The place we were staying was really quiet and no one was around, so the whole jazz vibe fitted perfectly to how we were feeling within that week of writing.