1. Josin is a German talented composer and producer. One year after her first EP Epilogue, she shared a new track titled “Company” which shows her evocative and fragile vocals and different layers of the sound: from the soft and intimate piano of the first part to the fluid ambient textures and the refined pulsing beats of the second one.

Electronic duo Kiasmos (Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds and the Faroe Islands’ Janus Rasmussen) release a remix of the track. We have the pleasure to premiere the official video co-directed by herself and Mitch Bekk.

It feels a bit unreal to be honest to have a Kiasmos remix of one of my songs” explains Josin. “I love their work and their approach to electronical music. While waiting to hear a first mix I was excited about how the two worlds would sound combined: From the first notes I heard, it made complete sense. Very Kiasmos, very Josin. They used the right essentials from the original and added their deepness and emotional colour in an amazing way. The way they kept the vocal part completely unfiltered and raw is exactly how I see the vocals in that track. For me, the remix raises the song to a new level and inspires me back for my own work.