Youarehere are the Italian Rome-based electronic project that involves Claudio Del Proposto, Andrea Di Carlo and Patrizio Piastra. Three years after Propaganda, they’re back with a new album titled Plvs Vltra which is out now via Fresh Yo!. We had a talk with Claudio Del Proposto about the new work. Check it after the full streaming of the album.

After the airy landscapes of As When The Fall Leaves Trees and the martiality of Propaganda, the sound of Plus Ultra looks like an effective synthesis of the two attitudes, with a more evident pop refinement. If it is so, how did you get there and what does Plus Ultra mean for the band?

Plus Ultra, starting from the title, represents for us the will to go beyond, a turning point. More than a synthesis, I would define it as an accurate work of sound subtraction, in comparison with the many layers of the other two albums. The route was very long, the album was ready one year ago but completely different from the one you can listen to today. We literally rewrote it from head to foot, almost remixing ourselves. It was exciting as very few other creative phases of Youarehere project.

”Internation Klein Blue” is an electro pop track that could be a great radio song, how was it born and what is its meaning?

We started from IKB, the color, from Yves Klein’s work. We tried to put in music a color and, going back to the concept of subtraction, it is a bare song, almost electro punk. In its simple structure it has complex effects and particularly deep lyrics, with which we wanted to give voice to our version of the ultramarine color.

Listening to the album I had the feeling you use more analogic than digital machines, the sound sometimes recalls Kraftwerk’s atmospheres, as in “Duga”. What instruments did you really use in Plus Ultra?

Our backline presents analogic and digital in the same percentage, indeed. Gary Numan once said that it is not the amount of instruments or their complexity that makes great a band, but the ideas. I agree. To answer your question I start from this premise. In Plus Ultra we play everything, but especially digital instruments.

You usually water down IDM with an ambient feel, but songs like “A Building Collapse” remember me your dance potential. What remains in Plus Ultra of this attitude to make people dance?

In this album the desire of dancefloor is predominant, like in “Multiverse”, “Backtrack”, “A Building Collapse”, “Guess What?”. Maybe this is the real breaking point between the present and the past works, a major dancy inclination with different contaminations: Intelligent, Minimal, Techno. Plus Ultra is our farest work from IDM, but containing our most IDM track, “Guess What?”. In the end IDM means Intelligent Dance Music, doesn’t it?

I see you in an ideal triad between Port Royal and Aucan. Sonofmarketing speaks to an international audience and your common sound is totally international. What is missing to make it possible for you to be more popular and, most of all, how much are you interested in it?

Thank you for the comparison, it makes me happy. For Italian bands the problem is our origin and the fact that in Italy there is no tradition in electronic sound. Apart from the success of Aucan and Port Royal abroad, that we can only optimistically think to have, the feedback is always lukewarm, due to the great number of artists from all over the world. No one looks for the next big thing from Italy, they look for it in other places.