J Colleran is the new project of Irish producer and musician Jack Colleran, former known as MMOTHS. Debut album Gardenia is out on June 29th via Because Music. We already shared “O+SOH” and “bERA“; now he shared a new video for the track “Freesia“. It was directed by Christopher Gray.

Colleran speaks about the process; “I worked with Christopher on assembling a collection of images consisting of the work of Olafur Eliasson, Larry Bell and John Register, much of which had inspired me while writing the record. Together with Daniel, Christopher developed the visual concept creating an alternate world in which light plays the protagonist.”

Gray describes the production, “We wanted to create a series of connected rooms using real world limitations whilst controlling the lighting and haze in such a way which would be almost impossible within that physical space. Using the render engine Arnold allowed us to shift volumetric pools of light which could be manipulated and synchronised to camera movements creating a constant shifting of colour and fog density. The camera was animated using subtle scripted human movement to give the impression that the evacuation was recorded in handheld, first person.”