Silent Vigils is the project which involves British composer James Murray and Belgian musician Stijn HüwelsFieldem is the new album that is out on June 22nd via Home Normal. “Zwartewall” is the first excerpt.

Their words about the album: “We began this project as an exchange of gestures across the water, a dialogue motivated by mutual respect and revolving around our shared love of the minimal, the graceful and the understated. We completed it on 23rd March 2017 – the day of the Westminster attack, one year to the day after the Brussels bombings. These four pieces have become our personal dedications to the quiet strength of blended culture, free thinking and open borders. Silent Vigils. 

We must thank Małgorzata Łapsa-Malawska for her beautiful, plaintive artwork, created especially for this album. One of many thanks due to our dear friend Ian Hawgood is for inviting us both to perform for Home Normal in 2016, planting the seeds of the record you hear now“.