We’re glad to premiere a live video of Jozef van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch performance at 2013’s Primavera Sound. It was directed by Norwegian musician Benjamin Finger who explains:

The video was shot back in the 2013 at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona. I went there with friends and I always bring my Super 8 camera with me whenever I travel. I knew that Jozef and Jim was going to perform and I really wanted to capture that. At that point I didn´t really know if I was ever going to get the chance to see them “live” again. I had been a fan of Jozef´s music and Jim´s films for a long time already. I remember that it was getting darker outside before the show started and that I was a bit worried about the light since was shooting on a Super 8 camera. I shot something like 3 minutes and 20 seconds from the show hoping that it would turn out OK. Which in retrospective, thankfully it did. I guess it´s blurry as fuck on a big screen but it seems to work fine on smaller formats like youtube, vimeo etc…I used a really old 8mm film (which was from my stepfather´s loft) and that´s why you can see the colours blend into each other at time, they kind of slowly “melt” or “drip” at times, so there´s no effects here. I’ve only used the old fade in and out techniques on this one. But I think the video really captures the true beauty of analogue film. 

Anyway, I met Jozef in December 2013 at the ATP (All tomorrows parties festival) which were held in Camber Sands Holiday Park, UK. I told him that I had shot some live footage of the show he did with Jim. The film was not yet exposed at this time. So I was begging that I actually had some real footage when it was exposed. With old dusty 8mm film´s you can never be too sure, especially since they have been lying around for a long time. Anyway, I finally got the films exposed in the end of 2014. I usually wait until I have something like 10-15 films before I send them to a lab abroad. 

So I started mailing Jozef and showing him some early versions on Vimeo in 2015/16, I believe. And then we corresponded back and forth for a while. Jozef would be commenting on what he liked or disliked. Some early version had shots of my girlfriend at La Recoleta Cemetery Buenos Aires in it, but was later dropped in the final version. And of course, I also managed to loose the files since my computer crashed two times during the making of the video. So there was a lot of confusion involved during the process. Anyway, a couple of months ago I was given an OK signal from Jozef that I could finally put it out on the net.

I´m very glad that the whole process turned out the way it did. And I hope that the video captures “something” from that great gig Jozef and Jim delivered that magic night in Barcelona“.