Andrew Sands is a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Peckham, London. He announced the release of a new EP titled Waves Calling, out later this year. We have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “Tomorrow’s Gone” which shows the rough fuzzy lines of his sound between psychedelic shades and wave vibes.

About the track: “It’s the opener of the EP and I think it couldn’t have been any other way. It’s like a declaration of intent, a call to arms.I wanted it to be uplifting but decadent at the same time, and trippy as well”.

His words about the EP: “These songs belong to the same bunch. They share the same drive and attitude. Lyrically it is one imagery as well. I can see them in the same spot, playing in the same club. I love the 80’s. From new wave to post punk, to synth pop as well. So many angles that make them resonate with me on different levels. This had a big impact so far I think on me making music Compared to my last release there might be quite a shift sonically and in the mood, but – if that is – I don’t think that’s any important really.  As of now I don’t feel stuck into one sound either. In the end to me it’s how one song comes at you, how you start imagining it, and then what it triggers when it’s about recording it“.