Some netlabels seem to be the most interesting realities in modern times, capable of a great path of research of new artists and new sounds; accurate selections and attention/focus on details. Lavena (its sublabel Falerna) and 51beats fit entirely this way to think music which brings to the deep meaning of art.

What happens if the worlds of these two labels collide? Two parallel catalogues but with similar inclinations. The answer to our questuon is Laverna meets 51beats // Rhess @the Mix. We have the pleasure to premiere this stunning mixtape (featuring Gigi Masin, Sonambient, J Sintax and more) released by Italian producer Mike Marchesan aka RHESS.

His words about it “It happened, yes! I was at Argo 16 (there often is a plane in my life) club in Marghera, near Venice, and Mirco Salvadori and Lorenzo Isacco, with gentlemen manners I thought belonged to the last century, asked me if I would like to prepare a mixtape for Laverna and, kind of excusing themselves, they said: “you can use Falerna music as well”. To add more shock Mirco involved Roberto of 51 Beats and then the next thing I know is that I have the privilege to surf through the full three labels production, excited like a kid in a toy shop.

I made a first selection of some 50 songs that touched my soul for different reasons with, Patrick Chavardes’ “tu verra’ pas ma veranda” above all looping in my mind for days even thou it didn’t fit at all with what I had in mind. As I had to condense all in a 45 minutes mix I made a selection of 25 tracks and start finding a story to tell in a flight from Dallas to Tokyo. Later in Taipei I chose the final 16 tracks, bus still “Veranda” screamed in my head. It was three weeks later, in London – under an unreal snowstorm – I found the idea to join the tracks in a story with Patrick Chavardes being the inner voice keeping everything together. Then on the train between Charing Cross and Gare du Nord I put together the first rough mix and I could complete it a couple of weeks later (just to keep the pleasure going) in Charlotte, NC. This at the end it turned out being my homage to three labels and their effort in crafting a musical landscape seldom seen (heard) anywhere else.

Again some (Gigi Masin)
Silence (Stefano Guzzetti)
Mentre Dormi (Marcio McFly)
Do not disturb (Dikital)
Enjoy (Ho storm)
Sidabrine dykuma [apelsino kosmaras] (Kondencuotas Pienas)
Illusion Part.2 (Sonambinet)
Love Code (J Sintax)
2004 (Matera)
Softcell (Fosforo)
Polynomial expansion (666fm)
A lullaby for no one (Push Against New Fakes)
Darkstar /Joy Kitikonti Rmx (Cani Giganti feat Robidat)
Give Me 51 Beats (Happy Elf)
The Land Of The Holy River (Acid Castello)
New Shelter (Idga)
Viaggio (Infant T(h)ree)
Ma Veranda (M.Weber, P.Chavardes)