ANNA VR is an interesting pianist, singer-songwriter and producer from Berlin. She studied jazz piano at the conservatories of Amsterdam and New York. I: Future Romance is the debut EP which will be out in June. We introduced her with the track “Under The Sand“, a new excerpt that shows her captivating vocals and the delicate slow sound. We have the pleasure to the 5 influential tracks that had an important role for his recent music.

Lana Del Rey – Burning Desire (Paradise). To give (mostly unfulfilled) desire a sound was what I was primarily looking for on my first EP. Thats also why it’s called I: Hallucination – it’s dealing with something not present, it’s all just head games and longing. Lana and her producers translated so very well here – it hits me immediately anytime.

Beck – Philip Glass: Rework. I love the first 2,5 minutes so much, have been thinking more then once to sample it for one my tracks. Maybe its going to happen one day, if Beck will allow :).

Frank Ocean – Seigfried (Blond). Beautiful orchestral ending to this ‘Outsider Anthem’ (The Fader) featuring spoken word poetry of Elliott Smith, who died in Echo Park. Dealing with pressure to conform to society’s expectation, and the general highs and lows of life, Frank is given his all in, for me, one of his most touching vocal performances.

Dean Blunt – Six (Stone Island). A friend introduced me to Dean’s ( and Inga Copeland’s) work and I was so into it from the very first moment. The energy I felt from his music was so strong. This is probably my favorite track featuring a great Stravinsky sample – also love his flow over it.

Helene Grimaud – Ravel – Piano Concerto in G, 2. Adagio assai. This 2nd movement of Ravels piano concert in G major is so magical, no wonder it’s almost a pop hit in classical music. When I have time to noodle around on the piano I often play through this movement, the harmony is so rich and colourful.