House of Tarts are an Italian Venice-based duo which involve Laura Martelli and Valentina Salvatori. Their sound mixes different styles: rough electronic lines, pulsing and changing rhythms, evocative textures, dreamy dark vocals and psychedelic vibes. H.O.T. is the new album that is out on May 25th via Cabezon Records. It was produced by Jacopo Gobber. After the full streaming, they explain the new work track by track. Check it below.


It is it the laboured beginning of a definition, which when it comes, it frightens and it is better to take refuge in the (real or imagonary?) eroticism of Lewis Carroll visions. Asking for help is more difficult than giving it.

The Yellow Line

It was composed in fifteen minutes from Valentina in a day like any other. Lyrics was written by Laura, in the Mestre-Resana route. At that time she spent a lot of time in different trains stations and constantly heard the announcement “do not go beyond the yellow line”; a repetition that lost its original meaning, opening up new interpretations in various contexts.

Glimmering Beauty

When Valentina wrote the instrumental part, she thought about a “Fantasea”, a marine world. From the music – We were distant – Laura, adding a vocal melody and an ethereal lyrics, gave a final form to this wonderful universe.

A Day As Anubi

The horror cabaret of “A Day As Anubi” wants to picture a dark and obscure scene in which the way out is difficult. The plan is fun, playful, but the dark bass and the ghostly voices remind you that it’s not a good game.


It is the most angushed song, about anxiety and the search for acceptance by others. A repetitive synth line like the distress and a bit of noise for the confusional state that brings this mental situation. The piano riff is characterizing and it creates an illusory stability with its melody.

The Haze Man

“The Haze Man” is a non-existent mythological figure which returns when you don’t find the way and confuses ideas with the charm of indefiniteness. The jazzy chords are inspired by the creepy and vaguely sensual atmosphere of the clubs.

My Lullaby

A dark lullaby of the other as a way out, when the shelter becomes a prison. How attractive can the limit be before it becomes dangerous?


A boredom that leads to not being able to think of anything other than to possessive and violent love. As if there was nothing else to do, when you are sure that life orbits only around your partner, in a diseased way. “Felony” is occasional sex and obsessive bond.