LESKA is the electronic Rennes-based duo which includes producers Douchka and Les Gordon. Last year we introduced them with debut ep Circles (Nowdays Records). Now they announced the release of a new EP. Circles II is out later this year. It features José Fontao (Stuck In The Sound), Darren Bancroft (We Have Band) and the American singer LIA. 

We have the pleasure to premiere a new track titled “Curious“. Their words about the EP:

With this EP we wanted to go further in terms of musicality and get ourselves out of our comfort zone. We tried to use what we learned from our individual projects to reinforce that new sound that belong to Leska, and strengthened the message we want to convey. However we didn’t want to get rid of everything we’ve done before. We had a great year with a lot of gigs and it brought us this far
we just want to keep on moving on without forgetting what we’ve done and what still has to be done.”

Listen below.