Trè Hùs is the Italian project that involves Luca D’Isola, Pietro Falezza and former member Elvira Caobelli. We introduced them with the track “Black&Blue”. They announced the release of the debut album. When You’re Anything But OK is out on May 11th via Cabezon Records. It was co-written with Lorenzo Tambosso.

The album is an interesting attempt to slot in the songwriting (lead by the warm male vocals and the delicate female voice) in “unusual”lines with evocative vibes melting with more pulsing electronic textures. We have the pleasure to introduce the work with their words about each track.

Ocean. It was supposed to be the title-track of the album, but we chose the excerpt from the lyrics “When You’re Anything But Ok” which seemed to us particularly representative of the mood and the sound of the album. It is one of my favorite pieces, and one of those to which I am more tied. It is the first to be written in an embryonic version almost two years ago, even before the project was born.

Orfeo. It had to be the closing track, but it seemed to us too much a “banger” – if you can use this word for the genre – to be relegated in that position in the tracklist. A song that is about love, expectations and how often they hide only the need of feeling good together, and stay there as much as possible. Video in progress.

Common Ground. Our most poppy side, with summer vibes and a melancholy twist on the “bridge”. In this track it was important the work done with Lorenzo Tambosso (co-author of the album) to develop the song starting from a simple beat. We thought to come out with this as a first summer single with a video, and who knows, maybe we are still in time. Or maybe we will directly propose new material.

Desire. An electronic, ethereal track about desire, with a mood that wants to be halfway between the electronic lines of the Massive Attack and the vocals power of Lana Del Rey. Big ups to Elvira for being able to assemble a piece so powerful and to Luca for the detailed building of the sounds. A refrain that rolls up your head.

Capitivity. A more melancholic track, with r’n’b vibes, which borrows something from Brand New and then it goes towards a modern electronic refrain, without losing sound identity compared to the rest of the album.

Don’t Leave Me Hanging. The most experimental track of the album with hip – hop connections  and “tribal” and “woody” atmospheres, a song that you can love or hate. Guess what we think of it.

Black Tide. Luca’s solo, a black tide, a texture of oxidized arpeggiators and pulsating dynamics; a song where the noise opens and closes the album linesc, trying to close the “electronic circle” that is opened with the first track, with those techno-dark and emotional  vibes at the same time.