Cup is the project of Polish-American New York-based drummer and singer Tym Wojcik. A few months after Hiccup, he’s back with a new album. Jitter Visions is out now via Aago Records. We have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the title-track that shows a powerful sound with persistent rhythms and noisy-psych vibes. Animation was created by Etienne Puaux.

His words about it: “Jitter Visions refers to two things. I work a day job sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen all day, and sometimes towards the end of the day my vision gets all shaky and I have to look away from the screen for it to right itself. I don’t think it’s a medical condition, just a condition of the types of livings a lot of people are making, the way we’re slowly wasting our precious time away. It also refers to the moment I know I’m about to have a massive anxiety attack, usually induced by too much coffee + lack of sleep + too much boozing. It creeps in, I get the “jitter visions” and then I have to remember to “conduct myself correctly” and “hold myself together,” because I’m usually around a bunch of other people. “Yeehaw, I’ll be ok in a few hours!” I think to myself.”