MSTR ROGERS is the project of Los Angeles-based, Aussie native producer and songwriter Jarrad Rogers. After releasing his debut single “I’ll Take You” back in 2015, alongside many another releases these years, he’s back with a new track titled “Wild One” that features  vocals by Swedish singer Erik Hassle. It is out now via Ultra Music.

After the video, directed by Inka Wood, you can check the 5 influential tracks that had an important role for his recent music. 

Possibly one of the greatest songs of all time! I remember the first time I heard this…knocked me to the floor and I didn’t get up again for about 3 years!!
This is the quintessential ‘minimally’ produced track! The builds…the tiny tiny sounds…yet still packs a punch! Uffff…tune!
I was working on the follow up from my first single when I head this record. I just lay on the floor of my living room and got lost! I had to rethink what’s possible. Flume brought his A game on this. He’s a true innovator, running his own lane and breaking ground! Thanks for pushing me sir!!
A defining moment in electronic music!! Blew my head off the moment I heard it! So bold. So unique and still bangs every time I drop it in a set…even after all these years!
Raw emotion!! Post Malone makes music like he’s telling you his deepest secret and you’re the only one he’s speaking too!! It crosses boundaries too. This is like a rock song…but it’s not. It’s urban / rhythmic / street.