Italian post-rockers Platonick Dive is a band that has built on the foundations of their previous two records in new album ‘Social Habits’, the band combines traditional post-rock elements with eclectic electronics that provides the band’s already rich compositions with an extra layer of nuance.

With Platonick Dive hailing from a country in which political tolerance seems more in decline now than ever, that they should want to highlight such things is only natural. Far from affecting their compassion, however, Platonick Dive see their music as a form of therapy, and of healing and given the fluid, progressive nature of their new album.

The band has kindly given their track-by-track rundown of the album, ‘Social Habits’ below.


It’s the opening track of the album. It’s also one of the first songs we composed in the last two years we spent between studio and rehearsal room. It’s the natural bridge between our old and new sound. You can hear the very recognizable Platonick Dive vibes in the first part and then the change that lead you into new directions. It’s a song about finding beauty in all the things and the contentment you feel as a result.


This is the most symbolic track of the album. If you think about Platonick’s musical journey, this is the track that captures it most. The development and brand of the band, with dreaming sounds designed by guitars, synth lines and a muscled drums, is guided by reverb-soaked lead vocals that sing about missing love and rehab from bad habits.


Staying close with people you love, sex, listening to good music, smoking weed. All of these things could be  good therapy. This is what this song talks about. It’s pretty much different from the typical band’s sound, both for the music and for the lyrics: analog synths and 80’s arpeggiators dance on an upbeat drum while the vocals bring attention to the brutality of being misogynist, homophobe and racist nowadays.


Verse-chorus-verse: the typical structure of a pop song. It seemed impossible for a band like Platonick Dive but it was done! And we’re so happy about the result, because it’s an impressive song to perform live where you can hear the development of our new sound and the power of our beginnings. Sometimes ‘less is more’ because it is better to do less if that’s what fits organically, than to do more for the sake of it. I think sometimes we (artists) get stuck in the complexity of making music that we forget about the beauty of simplicity.


The first instrumental song of the album. It’s a throwback to our last album’s (‘Overflow’) vibes but using different synth solutions with arpeggiators and ultra-reverbered guitars. The danceable final part is the new step of Platonick Dive’s therapy.


One of the more melodic songs of the LP. Guitar and synth lines are so gentle and emotional. The lyrics too are both romantic and melancholic, and they speak of how relaxing it is to stand under big trees and meditate about life. Douglas-Firs are in fact the typical big tall trees of Pacific-North West forests.


The first track we composed after ‘Overflow’. A slow song with very intimate lyrics and a powerful chorus. The atmosphere is deep and liquid. For this, we used new effects on vocals and 808 bass for the first time to create a fresh hybrid of sounds and structure. We were always fascinated by 90’s styles/music and this is the reason of the strange title. Flannel shirts were so popular in the 90’s and we are still wearing them!


The title itself is explicative: you can stay in my room and feel comfortable to be who you really are, without prejudices or judgement. Just sit, put your headphones on and close your eyes: the plane is about to take off!


Another verse-chorus-verse song. Melodic arrangements dancing on a pulsating beat and deep sub-woofer bass. The lyrics are about an interlocutor that could have the cure for all of life’s unfortunate events or feelings of sadness. Being inhumane and brutal just to achieve your goals will only hurt you sooner or later.


It’s the closing track. A melodic, warm instrumental track with liquid sounds. We wanted to close the album with a peaceful instrumental song: take a deep breath and just relax your mind and body—like you would in the aftermath of an orgasm.

Stream ‘Social Habits’ in full here