Last year we introduced Bonnie Li, the Berlin-based duo that involves Bonnie Li and Elia M. “Décroche” is a new single that shows the dark mood of the track and the delicate and warm female vocals. In the band’s words “Décrocher is a French verb which means to pick up the phone. It also means to take down what was hooked, to kick off a habit, to switch off. The song explores the highs and the lows of an addiction and its effect on its entourage.”

The track is sung in three languages – English, French and Mandarin. Bonnie tells about it “I wanted to describe the topic using three different languages: the song starts in French showing the poetic and melancholic aspect of the addiction, the chorus is in Chinese Mandarin representing the little cute voice that draws you back to it, the rest of the verses are in English, because it’s a matter that speaks to everyone.”