Already premiered a few months ago “The Problem Of Love”, song by Super Cod Liver Oil Complex, Milan-based project formed by Matteo Canetta & Pierandrea Villa. As they like to hold forth on their music, saying: “Post Punk and stuff. Milan Based. Omega 3 addicted”, surely fascinated from bands like British Sleaford Mods, we’ve been glad to ask more about the recording and production of this new release, out today via Ammonia Records. Listen and read carefully below.

The Problem Of Love.

First track we ever recorded, even if we did such studio practice for a while, with this song we figured out something was growing in the project. Choosing an argument presumed, as love and all the tonnes of problems around it.


Written to celebrate Berlin, S-Bahn, the end of a marriage and a lousy career. Most powered one for sure in the EP, worked hard on it and we were not really convicted to choose it as title-track.

Ain’t No Hands.

Despite the title , Ain’t No Hands has an extremely sensory text. We’ve decided to
follow this mood in all aspects of the song, from the beat to the vocal performance. It’s a piece that speaks to the skin, to the touch and to the bodies of people.

Happy Ending.

Happy Ending’s lyrics. is exactly what it seems: a post-alcoholic delirium, a succession of nightmares and paranoia, and also the beat follows this dark atmosphere. It’s a piece extremely impulsive, there is not much to tell.