Colours of Ostrava Festival, founded in 2002, held from July 18–21, 2018 in the Czech Republic will once again be held in the astounding industrial area of the former mining site of Dolní Vítkovice in Ostrava.

You can look forward to over 350 events ranging from bands, DJs, films, open discussions, workshops, theatre, poetry, art installations and programmes for kids.
The diversity  is one among many festival’s assets: the event is held on the site of the city’s former mines and ironworks, a European Cultural Heritage Site – a place unlike any other.

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2017 after-video:

“You immediately sense the open and welcoming atmosphere at Colours. The whole thing feels like a
miracle, an amazing event built on flawless technical skill.” Johannes Theurer, Editor-in- Chief, radio Berlin-Brandenburg, World Music Charts Europe, World Music Workshop EBU chairman.

“To just say ‘thanks’ doesn’t do justice to how I feel about this festival. I fell in love here. Think Mad Max or Waterworld and you’ll have a fair idea about the backdrop. Add to this music to cater to everyone, spanning pop, rock, world music, jazz and EDM…and you get a truly top-class festival!” MIKA, Britishsinger