My Home, Sinking is the project of Italian sound artist and musician Enrico Coniglio. King Of Corns is the 2017’s album (in our 2017 Best Albums List), out now via Infraction. It features Elisa Marzorati, Piergabriele Mancuso, Chantal Acda, Jessica Constable, Peter Paul Gallo, James Murray, Violeta Paivankakkara. It is described as a work that blends live instrumentation with field recordings and strange vocals to create a neo-classical work wherein the sum of the whole is greater than its parts.

Today we have the pleasure to introduce a visual project connected to the album. Venetian architect and photographer Giacomo Vianello shot some photos of the album in a wonderful location: the nature around Polcenigo (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy). It is an interesting experiment that gives a new shape to the visual part of the album and more power to the expressivity of the artwork. It’s like he’s saying another story, an enclosure to the intensity of Enrico Coniglio music and his guests. It could be also a wonderful way to contaminate the nature with art. What a wonderful bond.

We had a talk with the photographer about his work. Check it below.

How is born the idea of the vinyl photos in Cansiglio Ancient Forest?

Just to be accurate, the location of the photos is not the forest of Cansiglio but the nature that surrounds the village of Polcenigo, at the foot of the mountains that separate it from Pian del Cansiglio.The idea came from my long friendship with Enrico: we shared passions, sports, music, beers, beautiful places and one thing that characterizes all these is nature. Nature that has always been a protagonist in our collaborations. A few years ago we had a wonderful experience, the complete design of another of his work under the pseudonym MHS. It was first experience in which he wanted to use my photos that depicted snow-capped mountains for his booklet. The “party favours”, I call it so for its refinement and attention to every detail, it was a work in which I conceived and directed the packaging of “Sleet”: handmade paper, incisions on lineoleoum, movable characters, tape cassettes and brambles. Here’s the nature that comes back, I think Enrico’s music comes out of a bramble, not because thorny or pungent, but because of the atmosphere that usually surrounds the brambles, an undergrowth, dirty ground, which also concerns me a little, a humid and earthy environment perfect for listening Enrico’s music.So, in this last work I continued to follow that idea, that image of his music

How was the creative process related to listening experience? And what about the place you choose?

Let’s face it, this fact of nature is now also a thread that connects the various works and that always accompanies my creative process linked to the Enrico music. Music that may seem to come from the past, but that for me belongs to an indefinite time, which straddles the present that we live and a parallel time to us and follows a different path. On the record, roots have grown and time; I have tried with the help of nature to bring a product of today in a not exactly definable period.

I wished I could listen to his music, comfortably seated on a log and with a red wine glass, because this is precisely what his music wants / asks in a location like this, but it was better not to do it, I would not have even shot a photo. I keep it as a desire for the next picnic as it is just “behind” Annalisa’s house, my girlfriend who helped me with the shooting. A place set between an endless plain that leads to Venice and the high mountains that rise behind it.

How much the artwork and the visual part of the album influenced your photos?

When Enrico asked me to do something for his latest work, I instantly imagined the type of location even if I had seen only the album artwork. After that received the vinyl from Enrico, I began to carefully observe the work in its entirety and thus confirmed my idea. I then let myself be transported by a first listening to the album while observing every detail of it. So music and images immediately influenced my work ideas in an unconscious way.

Is it an isolated project or the beginning of a series?

What to say … you never know where you can end up with Enrico. His he has different ideas and projects, we’ll see if there will be an opportunity to weave our passions again.There is a desire: work together on music, a passion that I always carry with me but that remains in the usual “drawer” because, for the most part, I hold it for myself or for those who are very close to me. Of course, I will actively involve him in the next shoot, because I already have ideas that I hope can be combined with one of his work!